What’s the Merchandising service?
Our Merchandising service helps to promote your brand and reinforce your presence on the field.
  • Installation of displays (tastings, showcase, exhibition)
  • Promotional displays  (vitrophanie, posters, leaflets)
  • Auditing in point of sale (measuring visibility, share of shelf)


Reliability, transparency and flexibility

Our Merchandising service is based on our values.


  The trust our merchandisers have built with the point of sales ensures a quick and precise deployment of your actions.
  With our state-of-the-art web platforms, follow the deployment and results of your actions live.
  Trust our team to advise, support and inform you from an expert point of view. With responsiveness we adapt our approach according to meet your action’s needs.
  Our partners have been trusting us for many years because our experience makes Profield an indispensable actor of the market.



Our Merchandising

Product Placement

We tidy up your products and/or install the shelves and tasting displays neatly to enhance your sales.

Building up displays

We build up your displays in the point of sales and increase their visibility by choosing a quality location inside the store.

Tasting stands

We build your tasting stands and prepare them for the tasting.

Exhibition stands

We arrange (build, tidy and manage) your exhibition space for you to get the best visual appeal.

POS displays on shelves

Your products are highlighted by placing wobblers, pop-up displays and other type of POS material.

Window Stickers (vitrophanie)

We place wide stickers for store windows, adapting them to the available space and following precise guidelines.



There is a wide range of possibilities but we are here to help you define your next marketing strategy. 

Below you will find various examples of promotional actions we have executed in the past.



Window Displays

L'Oréal | Merchandising

Each month, we visit over 400 pharmacies and highlight one L’Oréal product through high quality window stickers

Tasting stands

Mondelez | Merchandising

Each year we lead more than 20 commando actions in a 48h timespan during which over 2.000 tasting stands are deployed

Share of Shelf auditing

AB InBev | Merchandising

4 times a year, we measure precisely the visibility of AB InBev products in over 2.500 point of sales

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