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Our tailor-made loyalty programs are the right solution for you!

By offering your customers a personalized shopping experience and exclusive benefits, you strengthen the relationship of trust with them, and encourage them to shop with YOU rather than elsewhere!


What are the benefits for your store ?


Build trust

You reward your customers' loyalty and they become perfect ambassadors for your store.


Increase traffic

Our loyalty programs with top brands will encourage your customers to come back to your store more often.


Increase average basket size

Your customers are likely to buy more to take advantage of great discounts.



How does it work?


Registration is easy and efficient through our online platform. You will receive a starter kit containing: communication materials, stamps, savings cards, a display and products to fill it.


Each week, depending on the sales in your store, you will have the opportunity to order new products.


You take no financial risk because unsold products are credited to you and refunded at the end of the program.



Our partners = Our assets !

We partner with major brands such as JBL, CLYR, BerGhoff, A-brands of perfume, etc. to offer exclusive benefits to your customers.

Throughout the program, our team is ready to advise you, help you place your orders and answer your questions.






There is a wide range of possibilities but we are here to help you define your next marketing strategy. 

Below you will find various examples of promotional actions we have executed in the past.



Loyalty programs

Delhaize / TCC | Logistics

With Delhaize and TCC Global, world leader in creating retail marketing actions, we have managed several successful loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs


Each year we are present in more than 250 stores to provide JBL products at unbeatable terms.

Loyalty programs


Every year we organize high-quality savings programs in cooperation with the Belgian brand BERGHOFF.

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