What does our Logistics service?
Our Logistics service supports the management and follow-up of your promotional actions
  • Maintenance, handling and warehousing of your promotional material
  • Treating correctly orders, deliveries and returns
  • Complete tri-lingual customer service through phone, e-mail and online platform


Simplicity, proximity and integrity

Our Logistics service is based on our values.


  Profield ensures the progress of your action on all levels. Our 5000m² (53.000 sq ft) warehouse is perfectly equipped and secured: loading docks, clarks, forklifts, stocking racks, fire protection and security cameras.
  Close to you, close to all. Our strategic location on the edge of Brussels turns our office to your ideal headquarters to lead a successful action. 
  Our commercial approach ensures a humane and dynamic management of your clients. Your clients get a personalized service and it makes a big difference.
  Our efficiency doesn’t need to be proven anymore. That’s why our partners have been confiding their trust in us for numerous years.



Our Logistics


Your products, orders, displays and various material are stored and handled with care in a secure environment.

Reception of goods

We receive and handle your products or orders with an approach suiting your action.


We prepare incoming orders for your clients. Our picking method allows preparations in short delays and with exact quantities.


We take care of your deliveries. Our strategic location makes it possible to reach any place in Belgium or Luxemburg in under two hours.

Returns and Reverse Picking

In the event of a surplus at the end of an action we retrieve all goods within the point of sales. All products are then sorted and the quantities controlled for further needs.


According to the action’s needs, the products can be repacked in a more suiting packaging or in different quantities.

Customer service

We offer a full customer service through phone, email and online platforms. With a humane and commercial approach, we take the time to help your clients.

Custom online platforms

We offer custom tailored online platforms for your action. These platforms serve as relay point between the clients and yourself for communication and management.


There is a wide range of possibilities but we are here to help you define your next marketing strategy.

Hereunder you will find various examples of actions we have executed in the past.



Exhibition stands

Electrolux | Logistics

Profield handles the management, maintenance and installation of the Electrolux exhibition booths

Tasting stands

AB InBev | Logistics

Profield handles the management and maintenance of the InBev tasting booths deployed each week-end in the whole country

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