At your side to make a difference on the sales floor!
  • Profield offers a large range of Logistics and Merchandising services
  • 80 co-workers
  • 5000 m² of warehousing space
  • 60.000 POS material installed and 600 stands constructed each year


Profield Merchandising

  • Profield is a Field Marketing company located in Vilvoorde
  • Since 1999, we advise and guide our numerous partners in their management and follow-up of promotional actions on the sales floor
  • As the last link in the marketing chain, we vow to be your eyes and arms on the field
  • We help to ensure return with benefit on your promotional investment
  • With our ideal infrastructure, Profield ensures the availability of your products
  • Perfectly located, we deliver your demands in time
  • Our team has the capacity of preparing a high amount of daily orders
  • We make multiple quality controls to get precisely prepared orders with great flexibility



  • 75% of purchase decisions are made in the point of sales
  • The rule of the game is therefore obvious, visibility is vital to attract the consumer’s attention
  • Profield helps to highlight your products and convince in the last moments before the checkout
  • Reinforce your brand image and recognition of your products, the results are astonishing
  • Ranging from merchandising to logistics, including auditing and custom-made online platforms, Profield offers complete and qualitative solutions
  • We relieve your marketing teams and increase your sales remarkably
  • Flexibility is our key strength and for each action we develop a custom tailored solution for your action


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